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Facial Cupping


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Facial cupping is an ancient beauty technique that transforms the skin through increasing blood circulation and promoting cell regeneration and collagen production. The tool promotes immediate results in the form of brightened eyes, softer facial lines, and plumper skin.

Adding Eastern Beauty rituals and philosophies to your modern life has never been easier. It takes as little as 2-5 minutes to cup the face and enhance your natural glow. You can use it during your morning or evening beauty routine or throughout the day. With each use, you will see and experience a difference.


  1. Spritz a dash of your favorite toner around your face, neck and shoulders.
  2. Mix your favorite CARRIER oil with an essential oil of your choice (chamomile or carrot seed oil ishighly recommended)
  3. Apply oil on the face, neck, and shoulders to assist with gliding.
  4. Pinch the cup gently to create a vacuum seal and glide it across your skin following the arrows in the diagram.
  5. Repeat the strokes 2-5 times.

*Don’t be alarmed if your skin flushes and becomes a little red. It is evidence of your blood coming through the surface of your skin.