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Facial Reflexology Pen


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Facial reflexology is an ancient technique that stimulates and clears tension within the body to promote better circulation, lymphatic drainage, and hormone balancing.

The acupressure pen yields results through stimulating the acupressure points on the face. The effect of this is to combat wrinkles and make the face more youthful by giving a natural facelift.Adding Eastern Beauty rituals and philosophies to your modern life has never been easier. It takes as little as 2-5 minutes to release tension and relax your body. You can use it during your morning or evening beauty routine or throughout the day.With each use, you will see and experience a difference.




  1. Spritz your favorite toner around your face, neck, and shoulders.
  2. Mix your favorite PHILO CARRIER oil with an essential oil of your choice (chamomile or carrot seed oil is highly recommended)
  3. Apply oil on the face, neck, and shoulders to assist with sliding. CARRIER oil isn’t required for pressing technique.
  4. Follow the points on the diagram. Use deep, firm, but controlled pressure to massage and stimulate each point.
  5. When massaging acupoints, try to relax in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.
  6. Repeat the massage as often as you like

*Don’t be alarmed if your skin flushes and becomes a little red. It is evidence of your blood coming through the surface of your skin.